THERMIQ - Undersuit Base Layer

THERMIQ - Undersuit Base Layer

Colors : Black
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Item n°: DU11701012XL
FEATURES & BENEFITS - THERMIQ - Undersuit Base Layer


The ThermiQ Base undersuit has been designed with comfort and warmth at its very core and is a perfect enhancement to the ThermiQ Dry suits. The combination of the No-Zip technology and the thermally responsive materials, make the ThermiQ Base a pleasure to dive in. See product features


  • No zip technology allows forun-restricted movement and flexibility.
  • One piece design allows foreasy gas management inside the drysuit.
  • Easy to don and doff due to itsunique design.
  • Wicking fabric draws moistureaway from the skin reducing heat loss.
  • Integrated thumb loops to stopsleeves rolling when putting a drysuit on.
  • Can be used as part of alayering system with the ThermiQ One and ThermiQ Carbon.