In the mid-1970s, two friends decided to combine their knowledge of diving and precision engineering. Working from a small garage in the north of England, they set about creating what have become some of the most respected regulators on the market. Decades later that spirit of precision-engineering and British craftsmanship continues.

Apeks now offers a full range of dive equipment which is trusted by divers around the world. Because when the environment demands, only one thing matters; that your dive kit is designed, developed and tested to keep you safe and comfortable.

Whether it’s a warm-water sidemount dive or a cold-water deep dive, Apeks products are designed to maximize your diving adventure. The emphasis is on premium, progressive products that allow a variety of diving configurations to meet the needs of each diver. Tested and proven over decades by the extreme tech community, Apeks products are built for everyone.


Founding Fathers

Apeks is created by two friends, Ken Smith Ainscough and Eric Partington. They used the first letters of their names - K,S,A,E,P to create the company name APEKS.


First Valves and Jackets

When Ken and Eric realised that they couldn’t purchase dive products at a quality they wanted, they decided to make their own and created our first range of valves for dive cylinders and buoyancy jackets.

Manta regulator

The Manta, our first scuba diving regulator was launched. Each regulator had a hand painted logo.


First CE certification
in the world

We launched the TX, the first regulator in the world to pass the safety requirements needed for CE certification.


Aqua Lung group

The Aqua Lung group acquired Apeks. This allowed us to grow into a truly global brand and we began to make a full range of diving equipment.


Tested to 200m

We became Norsok Standard U-101 accredited. This accreditation is a demanding standard that was devised for equipment used by commercial divers in the petroleum industry. The regulators are tested to 200m using a Heliox gas blend.


Reducing impact on the environment

We achieved ISO:14001 certification at our UK manufacturing plant for our commitment to managing and reducing our impact on the environment.


First safety standard
in the world

We were the first dive brand in the world to achieve, and then exceed, the EN250A safety standard for scuba breathing equipment.


Manufacturing with renewable energy

We installed a solar array on the roof of our UK manufacturing facility, meaning Apeks regulators could now be made using renewable energy. It also means we can charge our electric company cars and in the summer we generate enough power to supply other local homes and businesses, too.


World's first unfreezable first stage

After years of research into creating the ultimate cold water regulator, we launched the MTX-R, the world’s first regulator to have an unfreezable first stage.


Zero waste

As part of our on-going commitment to reducing our environemental impact, we introduced a zero waste to landfil policy at our UK factory.


Removing single-use

We commited to removing single-use plastic from all of our packaging.


Neoprene made from recycled plastic

Our ThermiQ 8/7 wetsuit was launched. Limestone neoprene, linings made from recycled plastic bottles and water-based glues make it one of the most eco-conscious wetsuits on the market.


Recycled and renewable resources

The Ocea, the world’s first regulator to be made from recycled and renewable resources launched.


For 50 years, we've been by your side.
The explorers, the adventurers, the special breed of people who push their personal boundaries in the most demanding dive environments. 

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Own your environment with the MTX-RC 50 Year anniversary edition regulator. Coated in black Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and bronze Physicial Vapour Deposition (PVD), the MTX-RC 50 Year anniversary edition is a piece of Apeks diving history, a limited-edition regulator celebrating 50 yearsof technical excellence and precision engineering. Each regulator has its own unique serial number and is paired with a 50 Year commemorative coin.

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