Recall Information

APEKS EXOTEC Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)


Dear Customer,

As previously conveyed to you in correspondence, Aqualung Group is conducting a recall of a limited number of its EXOTEC BCD that have been produced and distributed since August 2021. The recall, conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, concerns four models where the EXOTEC BCD should have a longer “Pull Cord”, as shown in Fig 2 below. Fig 1 shows the affected model with the shorter length cord.

Why is this a problem?

When the BCD is inflated, the grey pull dump knob retracts towards the stitched channel of the jacket. The channel then prevents the knob from further retracting and slightly opens the dump valve and prevents the BCD from fully inflating. HAZARD: This can result in a loss of buoyancy control and poses injury (decompression sickness) and drowning hazards.

Fig 1. With Short Pull Cord
Fig 2. With correct length Pull Cord

Instructions for Customers

Customers are kindly asked to:
  • Immediately stop using their EXOTEC BCD if it is one of the affected models as per the “Identification guide” provided hereunder
  • Immediately return it to the Specialized Dealer from which they bought the unit; the Dealer will make the necessary adjustments in accordance with the Instructions provided in this communication to allow the device to perform correctly.
  • Alternatively, you can send the affected BCD for repair at Aqualung Technical Center – After Sales, 2105 Rutherford Road – Carlsbad, CA 92008

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact customer service at the following address: or at (800) 882–1404.

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering support.

The Aqualung Team



The total of four models have been identified to be affected by this issue. Please refer to the below references to verify if your BCD is concerned by this recall:

1) Models & Serial numbers of the affected EXOTEC BCDs are:

Model BC, APEKS EXOTEC, BLK/ORANGE, ML/LG having an article number (CPN) BT1380108ML and bearing one of the below serial numbers:

BB831728 TO BB831757
BB831758 TO BB831787
BB832298 TO BB832327
BB832508 TO BB832537
BB832598 TO BB832627
BB832538 TO BB832567
BB836899 TO BB836928
BB837109 TO BB837138
BB837334 TO BB837363
BB839055 TO BB839084
BB839295 TO BB839324
BB839475 TO BB839504
BB845500 TO BB845529
BB848615 TO BB848644


Model BC, APEKS EXOTEC, BLK/ORANGE, XL/XXL having an article number (CPN) BT1380108XLXXL and bearing one of the below serial numbers:

BB833639 TO BB833668
BB836239 TO BB836268
BB838905 TO BB838934
BB839785 TO BB839814


Model BC, APEKS EXOTEC, BLK/GREY,ML/LG having an article number (CPN) BT1380110ML and bearing one of the below serial numbers:

BB835004 TO BB835033
BB835154 TO BB835183
BB836449 TO BB836478
BB836659 TO BB836688
BB845395 TO BB845424
BB845740 TO BB845769
BB845950 TO BB845979
BB846625 TO BB846654
BB849050 TO BB849079
BB847360 TO BB847389
BB849725 TO BB849754
BB852344 TO BB852373


Model BC, APEKS EXOTEC, BLK/GREY, XL/XXL having an article number (CPN) BT1380110XLXXL and bearing one of the below serial numbers:

BB840775 TO BB840804
BB841015 TO BB841044
BB841255 TO BB841284
BB841375 TO BB841404
BB841735 TO BB841764
BB842950 TO BB842979
BB843160 TO BB843189


2) Where to find the Serial Number

Location of Serial Number on the product